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What is Blindfold? Blindfold play ideas for couples

What is Blindfold?

Blindfold - A blindfold is a piece of cloth that can be tied to the head to cover the eyes to reduce the wearer's ability to see.Blindfolds are often used in sex play because when vision is blocked, the remaining senses of smell, taste, touch, and hearing can be amplified; Some people also feel especially aroused by the element of surprise amid their partner's touch and sexual stimulation when they can't see.

More information about blindfolds

Blindfolds can be used to heighten your partner's senses during sex. They are often used in gentle bondage activities. Removing vision adds another dimension to sex by forcing you to rely on your other senses. In cases where a male partner is prone to orgasm quickly, using a blindfold can limit the problem by eliminating visual stimulation, which many men find particularly pleasurable. Being blindfolded during sex can also result in better, more varied communication because partners are forced to rely on verbal or tactile cues rather than visual ones.

Some scenes may require the use of blindfolds.

Depends on your personal preferences and creativity. Maybe combine these ideas together or just let it be inspiration for something else. As long as there is consensus, you can add a blindfold feature to almost any game to enhance any experience.

Sensual Touch

This is a common scene – a person tied to a bed, blindfolded and waiting. Any noise can make them startle or gasp. The anticipation and darkness heighten all the senses.

It is not necessary to touch the body or sensitive spots, it can just be gentle caresses. Then someone will have to beg to satisfy the excitement rising in their body.

Exhibitionist Play

Blindfolds control your vision but give you more freedom than you might think. For those who like to expose their bodies, unsure if they can handle the reality of being seen, a blindfold is an option.

Naked and kneeling on the floor or bed, or tied to a chair while blindfolded tightly in place. Situation that allows one person (a mutually agreed third person) to enter the room. Will they touch your body in ways you cannot predict? Or will they simply watch your partner give you pleasure in any kinky way you fancy?

The worries, fears or confusion when someone looks at you are gone now that you can't see anything, just free to enjoy this moment.


Sometimes your imagination can be better than reality. Inviting a third person into your game can be fun and exciting, but it's not always easy to find someone you want to join in such an intimate moment. Or maybe you feel like reality can't compare to your imagination.

Blindfold your partner and tie them in a fixed position. Distract them with anything, such as a vibrator or nipple clamps, whispering in their ear... Then, quietly go back to the door and make noise as if there was a third person coming. Then enter the room and continue talking about your tied up partner and their kinky desires…

Impact play

Using a blindfold during an impact play scene will make the scene more tense.

Start gently touching your partner with a toy before using it so they can anticipate what's going to happen and can anticipate the impact. That little touch can cause wetness and pain for your partner. Not knowing what is coming, what it is, where the impact is, makes the reaction even more intense.

In addition to the above suggestions, temperature play, food play, mummification, role play kidnapping... are some other ideas you may want try it. Blindfolds can be incorporated into most scenes, as long as there is mutual consent.

All you need to do is talk to your partner about what you both want to do, clearly define each other's preferences and boundaries, and don't forget to agree on signals/safe words before proceeding with any scenes.

Please share your favorite scenes in the comments section below!

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