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​What is a condom?

Condoms, also known as penis sheaths or condoms in English or raincoats in slang, are protective devices against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or infections (STIs). In addition, this is also a solution to prevent unwanted pregnancies by preventing semen containing sperm from entering the vagina, moving to the egg and fertilization taking place.

How to wear a condom for men is as follows:

Check the packaging and expiration date of the product, make sure the packaging is not punctured or torn, and tear the packaging carefully so as not to tear the inner bag.

Place the condom on the penis and pull it to cover the entire erect penis to the base. Leave some space at the tip of the condom and squeeze the air out to create space for semen and prevent the condom from tearing.

After ejaculation, while the penis is still erect, slowly withdraw from your partner's body. Only remove the condom from the penis when it is no longer in contact with your partner's body to ensure that sperm does not have a chance to enter the vagina, as well as to avoid letting semen fall outside.

Remove the condom, wrap it in a tissue and throw it in the trash.

Absolutely do not reuse it the next time you have sex. Every time you have sex, you should use a new condom to ensure safety. During sex, if the condom slips off, stop and replace it with a new one.

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