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 Fox tail anal plug

​What is an Anal Fox Tail?

Anal Fox Tail is a sexual accessory loved by many people for its newness and loveliness, easily stimulating the partner to become more excited. Let's start with an impressive foreplay for quality lovemaking with Cum Shop's anal fox tail product.

Inspired by the fox character in famous classic Chinese films, the fox seduces boys with its divine fox tail. She transforms into a mischievous little fox with furry ears and tail that caresses sensitive parts, causing both herself and her partner to feel pleasure and desire.

Or another scenario is that the cat transforms into a very hot and sexy cat in sexy cosplay costumes with her furry ears and tail waving in front of him.

Anal Fox Tail can help a girl become hotter and more sexy in the eyes of her partner. A good way to "change the mood" in bed for couples who want to rekindle the fire of love. Because of this, many young people who want to experience new feelings have bought and used this wonderful product.

Fox tail anal plug products bring irresistible levels of pleasure. The anal plug is made from solid stainless steel. The mechanism of action of the anal plug is extremely simple: direct contact with the rectum, rubbing, massaging, stimulating and creating excitement and sexual pleasure.

The beautiful teardrop design creates elegance and class, making it easy to insert the plug into the anus. The shank helps keep the plug from slipping inside. Fox fur is soft and smooth, does not shed, and when rubbed and collided with the other person, it will make them feel excited and want to love immediately.

Cosplay Foxtail Toy Brings Thrills

Cosplay Foxtail Toy can bring strong feelings if the user knows how to use it. A few massage movements, a few caressing gestures and you can make guys restless.

With the foxtail plug inside the anus, sex will become much more pleasurable and sublime as the plug rubs and stimulates the inside of the anus, making him feel its presence too. of it inside the vagina during intercourse. It helps tighten the vagina and increase sensation during sex.

The fox tail product is not only used for women, but it can also be used for men, especially helping gay couples get the perfect satisfaction they desire, with the operating mechanism of the tail plug. Direct contact with the rectum, rubbing, stimulating and creating excitement, sexual pleasure, prostate massage, easily brings pleasure to men.

In particular, the fox-tail connector of some products is also equipped with a multi-function vibration device with many different vibration frequencies, and has convenient remote controls. Easily brings excitement to both. True quality: 1 person uses, 2 people happy.

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