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Mini vibrator


Anyone who comes into contact with sex toys for the first time will probably be very confused because there are actually countless types of toys, with all types for all genders, diverse in designs and styles. , size, material... Below is some useful information that Cum Shop will suggest for you to be able to choose a satisfactory sextoy for yourself!

With society becoming more and more modernized, sex is also viewed more liberally, leading to each person's physiological needs becoming more and more focused and cared for. For women, solving physiological needs is also very necessary, especially for single women, women whose husbands work far from home or whose partners do not meet their needs and need to be resolved. then masturbation sex toys are a wise choice.


Uses of mini vibrator:

The mini vibrator is designed for couples who want to experience the new, stimulating feeling that a sextoy brings. The mini vibrating egg is a wise choice for couples' foreplay, sexual stimulation, and bringing women to climax easily with many different vibration modes.

With remote-controlled vibrators, couples can freely play in public places such as parks and shopping centers very conveniently without fear of being discovered. Or even for couples who love each other far away, app-controlled vibrators will be a solution, a great helper when she feels frustrated without him by her side.

Vibrating eggs are suitable for both internal and external use, a smart choice for women who are wondering which product to choose, then try the mini vibrating eggs right away. You can use massage outside when you don't want to go inside.

Types of vibrators: clitoral stimulator sextoy, vibrating love egg, vaginal licking tongue, clit sucker, mini vibrating bullet, vibrating pen, vibrating panties...


How to choose the right vibrator:

The material of the sextoy is one of the most important things when choosing a sex toy for you, not only in terms of softness but also in being truly safe for the girl and the boy. Choosing a poor quality toy made from cheap materials can make your baby susceptible to irritation, infection and affect her reproductive health. It is best to use it with a condom.

Read more: Knowledge about sex toys - sextoy that you should know.

The function of the product is also an important factor to note. From gentle vibrating eggs controlled on the camera body, to vibrating vibrators controlled by remote or via phone app, models of machines that suck and suck on clits, tongue licking like real...

To get a completely new sex toy to comfortably explore your sexual limits and reach orgasm more easily, you need to choose a sextoy with the right size, not too big or too small. small! Vibrators, fake vaginas, dildos or many other types of sextoys all come in many sizes for you to choose from. There are mini vibrating bullets with a diameter of only 2cm, but there are also large sized ones such as dildos, up to 4-5cm in diameter...

Where to buy good quality sex toys?
Cheap sex toys at with a variety of items in size, material and price, color... Nationwide delivery, reputable quality. Shop accepts express delivery within Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, with diverse payments.

All orders sent by Cum Shop are guaranteed to be confidential and safe:
- There is no product name, the shop name is "Clothing accessories".
- Secure customer information when purchasing at Cum Shop.
- The product is discreetly packaged in an environmentally friendly paper box.
- Shipper does not know the goods information.

Cum Shop always provides enthusiastic, thoughtful, polite consulting support and strives to bring you the most satisfactory product. Allow us to provide you with the highest quality products to fully satisfy your sex life needs!

Cum Shop would like to thank you for your trust and support <3

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