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Chastity at Cum Shop:
- Metal and plastic Cockcage


​Chastity Penis Locker

Features: control the penis, help you protect your partner's penis and strongly stimulate, control pleasure. Prevent and prevent birds from eating. Limit erections and frequent masturbation habits.

High quality stainless steel cock locking device for those who like strong, new feelings and want to experience something different, hugging, locking, and tying the penis. High-quality stainless steel cock lock also has the effect of restraining the boy's excitement, inhibiting the feeling of eruption, thereby slowing down ejaculation, helping to prolong playing time indefinitely.

The chastity penis lock is a toy that stimulates men to increase excitement in their journey to find new sensations. In terms of BDSM, cock locks are also seen as a prison cage, binding the opponent's penis like a sex slave to create extreme excitement, inhibit emotions, and create a new experience. , because orgasm denial is one of the ways to experience more intense pleasures

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Apply lubricant before wearing the penis ring
Apply the lubricant evenly over the entire penis. Don't get excited. You cannot wear a lock when your penis is erect. If so, you will have to stop and wait until the penis deflates.
Slide the ring over the penis. The ring should be placed behind the scrotum so that it rests against your body. If you measure correctly, the ring will fit comfortably and painlessly. Pull each testicle through in turn. Do this slowly and carefully.

Place the chastity cage on the penis
It's time to cage him, but it's important to do this properly and make sure the cage fits properly. A poorly fitting chastity device will not give you a good experience. So let's do this right.

Again, don't get hard or you'll hurt yourself. Pull the penis down to help it penetrate the cage.

Adjust the pins on the ring and cage to line up. These will line up neatly if the device suits you. Hold them in place.

Lock the chastity cage
As a final step, it's time to say goodbye to erections and sexual pleasure.

Place the lock (key/lock - depending on the design of the chastity device you choose) through the hole in the top of the cage and close it tightly.

Where to buy Chastity chastity locks? offers chastity locks for men and chastity belts for women in a variety of designs, sizes and colors...
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