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    The Magic wand mini vibrator is a great assistant for couples' foreplay, stimulating women to climax easily with many different vibration modes and soft, skin-safe silicone material.

    Not only used for masturbation, Magic wand can also be used to massage all areas of the body, giving you a pleasant feeling after a tiring day of work.

    On red light days when you feel horny, this vibrator is a wise choice. For women who want to achieve orgasm easily but without any impact on the inside, what are you waiting for? Buy a vibrator right away.

    How to choose the right vibrator:

    To get a completely new sex toy to comfortably explore your sexual limits and reach orgasm more easily, you need to choose a sextoy with the right size, not too big or too small. small! Vibrators and vibrating pestles come in many sizes for you to choose from. Some types of vibrating pens have a small head, focusing on stimulating one point with strong vibration intensity. There are also vibrating pestles with a large vibrating head, stimulating the entire sensitive area outside the girl, or other types of vibrating pens. Vibrating pestle replacement accessory, can be used for men...

    Sextoy for external clitoral stimulation: Try vibrators such as Vibrating Clit Stimulator, Vibrating Love Egg, Vaginal Licking Tongue, Pussy Sucking Machine.

    Where to buy sex toy?

    Cheap adult toys at with a variety of items in size, material, price, color... Nationwide delivery, reputable quality. Shop accepts express delivery within Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, with diverse payments.

    All orders sent by Cum Shop are guaranteed to be confidential and safe:

    There is no product name, the shop name is "Clothing accessories".

    Secure customer information when purchasing at Cum Shop.

    The product is discreetly packaged in an environmentally friendly paper box.

    Shipper does not know the goods information.

    Cum Shop always provides enthusiastic, thoughtful, polite consulting support and strives to bring you the most satisfactory product. Allow us to provide you with the highest quality products to fully satisfy your  sex life needs!

    Cum Shop would like to thank you for your trust and support <3

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