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My first session with Mistress Elena - English

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

My first session with Mistress Elena

writer: slaveboy

18+ Article, please consider before reading


I had an amazing experience seeing Mistress Elena tonight on Friday in Vietnam. Funnily enough, she was living extremely close to The L, so I parked my bike there. Had to think a bit about the good old times I had there. A few minutes before 7pm, I messaged Mistress Elena saying I was at the lobby. She then told me to use the elevator to go up. I knocked on the door, and when she opened the door, I almost wanted to drop down on my knees immediately. I was stunned by her beauty, Mistress Elena is so beautiful, def my type. She opened the door, and then I was stunned by her beauty.

She was wearing this beautiful greenish dress, the ones that I love most because they look so beautiful on Vietnamese women. I could see her beautiful body, a true Vietnamese beauty that lots of men would dream of to worship.

We talked a bit and she asked about my kinks. I told her I love being submissive. At some point she also wanted to confirm whether I was submissive, and I obviously said yes. That I love it when I get slapped, spit on, humiliated, kissing feet, and so much more.

I had 2 glasses of whisky, so the tension, not that there was so much tension as before in the past, but at least it easened things up a bit. Mistress Elena also had a drink while we talked a bit on the couch in her nice-looking living room.

After a while of talking, she ordered me to sit on my knees, and continue talking. She finds it sexy when a man is sitting on his knees, while she is looking down on him. In this case it was me who she was looking down on.

I told her that I used to be in a relationship where I was submissive in bed. It’s interesting that the kinks she loves most, I also love most. For her, she loves foot fetish a lot, and I do too. Then Mistress Elena continued talking about foot fetish, and I misunderstood, and then I almost already wanted to kiss her feet, as the little foot slave that I am. So I made a mistake. I wasn’t supposed to do that yet. I was punished for that a few minutes after.

Then my Mistress put a collar on my neck and ordered me to follow her. Being collared and seeing her amazing body, ass, feet, and legs moving, I don’t think there’s a better view that I could wish for. I felt so lucky. Then she also gave me her glass, so I had to use 1 arm and 1 leg, like a dog with 3 legs, to follow her to the play room.

There, she was sitting on the bed, and I was kneeling in front of her. Mistress Elena ordered me to take off my clothes. I made a mistake again, and then I tried standing up to undress. But that wasn’t allowed. Mistress Elena wanted me to undress while I was bending for her, making it very hard for me to undress myself.

Actually, before in the living room, I made another mistake. That was when Mistress Elena gave me her glass, and I almost took a sip from it. But that was misunderstood and she corrected me.

In the playroom, I got punished for those 3 mistakes. Because my Mistress asked me what mistakes I made. And then I had to tell her what I think I did wrong. I knew I made some mistakes, and so I told her exactly what I did wrong. It was good to be punished for it because yes I was a bit clumsy at the beginning of the session. I had to bow on an actual cage where Mistress Elena can put people in, and then she told me that for each mistake, I would get 10 slaps.

I had to count each slap, and say Thank You Mistress after slapping me. Actually, it got to the point where it really started to hurt. First Mistress Elena was slapping me with her bare hands on my ass.

Then she got a very long whip, which made a lot of noise, and started whipping me. I also had to count those. As the pain got more intense after each whip, there was not a chance that I would say please stop. Because I didn’t want to stop, or disappoint her. And I know I can deal with some pain, probably more than the average person (at least that’s what I have been told before). Mistress Elena asked me for my safe word, and I said my safe word is “slaveboy”. Mistress Elena found that a funny word, haha.

In total, I got punished for 4 mistakes. And then I got 10 extra whips, so I got 50 in total. Mistress Elena asked if I was okay to get marks, and yes I was. I love getting marks. Marks show me that I was in pain, and I like to suffer for Mistress Elena as much as I can. The marks help me remember that I was in pain. And that’s a beautiful memory.

Mistress Elena also had to correct me in the beginning, when I just said “Okay” after she told me something. Mistress Elena trained me already right from the start to say “Yes Mistress”, “Thank you Mistress”, etc. And If I didn’t, she would punish me, as she did with those 50 whips. Mistress Elena is very strict, and I like that. And for the rest of the session, I answered her obediently by always saying “Yes Mistress”, I made sure I didn’t forget.

After being whipped and slapped, it felt so good, I was so happy to be at the mercy of a beautiful Mistress finally again. It simply had been too long ago since I played. Being at the mercy of being whipped by Mistress Elena, I got already so turned on, and leaking pre-cum. Mistress Elena noticed this, and ordered me to use my tongue and lick the part clean on the cage, because there was pre-cum on there after being whipped and slapped.

So then I had to go back on the ground on fours again. And she told me to open my mouth. Then she spit in it. I immediately swallowed her spit, which I shouldn’t have done, because she didn’t tell me. Then she told me I should only swallow when she tells me to do so. So then I had to open my mouth again, and then Mistress Elena spit in my mouth again. Which felt so amazing. I love it when she spits in my mouth.

Finally, I took her shoes off. I saw 2 very beautiful feet that any man wishes and dreams of worshiping. I sometimes could get a glimpse of her beautiful face, while kissing her feet. First, Mistress Elena said to massage her feet, since wearing heels is painful. So she told me to massage the part next to her big toe, because that is the part that usually hurts most, she told me. Because that is where the part of the top of the heel touches her toe. So I very gently massaged both her feet at the place that she likes. Then, it was time to kiss them, and I started at the top of the feet, working down to each of the toes.

At some point, she challenged me to show her how I can do my very best job at serving her feet. At some point, it got pretty wild and I was so turned on, I got in the same state as when I served my ex in the past. I got her entire feet, also her foot soles, and started liking them entirely. One part of the sole of her feet was so intense for her. I could see she was enjoying it so much when I was licking that part. I used my entire tongue to press on that part, and I could see Mistress Elena was enjoying it so much. This, serving her feet, went on for quite a while. I made sure I gave both of her feet enough attention. It was so arousing and I was so happy I could finally, without any restrictions, fully delve into licking the beautiful feet of an amazing dominant woman.

I think this went on for a good 14 minutes or so, if not longer. Then Mistress Elena told me to lay on my back. She started to tease my cock and play a bit with it. After some time, she said that she has a CBT machine. Mistress Elena said because of my skinny belly, she would think that I would fit under it. Then asked if I wanted to try. Hell yeah!

This was the most amazing experience I ever had. I had to put my cock through a hole, while this wooden thing was above me. Mistress Elena then was sitting on the wooden thing, so on top of me, while playing with my cock. She got toys and electric play too, to use on my nipples, and also on my cock. Those sensations, especially on my cock, felt so amazingly good. A little hurtful, but I like to receive hurt for my Mistress. I was moaning already, especially when she started touching my cock, I felt I was in heaven.

After a while, Mistress Elena asked where my hands were. Then she got cuffs, and cuffed both my hands, so I was not able to do anything anymore. Mistress Elena was in complete control. Sitting on me, playing with my cock. I could see Mistress Elena enjoying it so much. Me merciless under her, while she uses her feet to jerk me off. Then after a while, she would use her hands again. I had to ask to come, if I would come without asking, she said she would cut my cock off. So I asked if I could come. Then she said “No”. This then repeated for quite a few times. She’s really good at keeping me on edge, knowing exactly when I almost cum and then stop. I love that feeling so much.

It came to the point where I was moaning quite hard, I was completely back in my animal role. No more worries, just being able to express myself completely, in a way without being judged, in a way that comes so naturally, in a way that feels so damn good. Being at the mercy of her, I find it such an amazing feeling. I was so turned on. Mistress Elena asked if it’s okay to film this part, because she thought it looks quite nice. My cock was basically extremely hard, coming out of a hole, while my Mistress was using her feet to play with me. Just like her toy. I was moaning and moaning, and finally she told me that I was allowed to cum. She kept jerking me off with her feet, and then she had on camera that I orgasmed. It was so intense that my cum also came on her clothes, and obviously her feet. She then ordered me to clean her feet, so all my sperm that was on her feet, I had to lick it clean. She loves to humiliate me and see me eat my own cum from her toes. She also put her feet with my cum on it, on my face and spread my cum on my face, while laughing at me. That’s so humiliating, and I can’t describe in words how great that feels.

This, in a nutshell, was my first experience with the amazing Mistress Elena. And it will definitely not be the last. I can only dream of being her slave. I want to be her slave. Thank you Mistress Elena, for an amazing night!

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